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Napa Pinot Noir
Napa Pinot Noir
  • Place: USA
  • Grape variety: Pinot Noir
  • Wine type: Claret
  • alcohol content: 12.5%
  • net weight: 750ml
  • Order Hotline:+86-633-6157777 5222168

    Premium Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, the use of a long process of refined lead. Oak cellar storage, comparable to luxurious ruby wine glass color. Licorice aroma, mellow fragrance, taste supple plump, fragrant lips and teeth, lingering aftertaste.

    American Brown original bottle
    of imported liquor test
    Jane Terry series mellow taste, quality solid positive, is the ideal choice for your gift.

    From the United States
    California's largest wine region

    Century brewing process
    Excellent quality cast

    Intentions cast treasures

    Selection of high-quality grapes from California

    Better grape varieties, more advanced brewing equipment, brewing a higher standard and better achievements of California wines.

    Original bottle of imported
    Every drop of quality assurance

    Into the cup from grape picking to wine, every drop of Jane Terry Brown is carefully brewed by the test liquor.



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