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A join condition

1, has a strong interest in wine culture;
2, a good business reputation and a certain economic strength;
3, there is a fixed place of business, an area depending on the specific circumstances of each agency;
4, there is a certain sales network and customer resources;
5, which has an independent legal personality or possess liquor distribution of qualifications;
6, includes a wine storage devices;
7, to comply with the company's market management system and market planning.

Second, joining the advantages

1, training support: the company sent professional training specialist expertise to dealers offer wine, wine etiquette, wine culture and wine marketing.
2, decoration support: VI unified storefront design, providing renovation program, construction drawings.
3, parts support: Get a FREE promotional gifts: general opener, bottle opener high-grade, high-grade decanters, handbags, glasses holder, high-grade red wine.
4, advertising support: the company will do occasional CCTV and local TV prime-time advertising; organize wine tastings; participating international wine exhibition; the company offers print ads, brochures, catalogs, posters, X exhibition stands.
5, product support: the company headquarters will continue to add new red wine varieties, to ensure product quality stability and continuity.
6, operations support: the company headquarters, marketing manager from time to time send to local guidance, training, tailored to fit the local marketing programs.
7, logistical support: a strong distribution system, down alone, the eve of delivery; full one-stop supplier.
8, Loss Support: transit responsible for all losses by the headquarters, agents achieve zero loss.
9, the regional protection support: a city only recruit an agent, to ensure exclusivity and monopoly area.
10 rebate support: up to the task after the company signed give a certain percentage of the amount of cash rebate.
11, the source support: customer resources on the company's website and exhibition, agents have the right to share.
12, follow-up services to support: Headquarters implement risk warning mechanism, from time to time to send someone to tour guide, perfect replacement system, to completely remove the worries of investors.
Agents of purchase amount reached 500 million, the company rewards a 500,000 luxury car!

Company Name: Rizhao OUYAD Trade Co., Ltd.

Company website: www.napagentry.com www.rzouyada.com

Company Address:  Wulian County Rizhao City, Shandong Province, No. 54 Yanhe

Hotline: 0633-5222168

Fax: 0633-7917776

Upholding integrity management, the pursuit of first-class quality and excellent service, welcome domestic and foreign enterprises have insight visit the company and discuss cooperation!



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  • Phone:0633- 5222168
  • Fax:0633-7917776
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