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Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd is located in China OUYAD Hawaii said the beautiful coastal city ------ pleasant sunshine, its exclusive distributor in California original bottle of imported wines. California Napa Valley wine-growing area has a vast, superior natural conditions, the temperature difference between day and night, long light, gave birth to the quality of the grapes. After the traditional process refining brewing, wine glass comparable to luxury ruby color, mellow fragrance, taste supple and full, lingering aftertaste.

The company is committed to guide the healthy drinking culture fashion, to provide consumers with the highest quality products, the most attentive service and the most cutting-edge wine consumption concept to guide the new generation of Chinese new aristocratic life, provide excellent cost brand Jane Terry Carolina Pa, Presevo, Semon, Hysen DS, a gentleman, a dozen high-middle and low different taste, the price of the wine for you to enjoy.



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